NGP Studio has great sound quality and is a relaxing place to work. Jeff Napier is a brother in Christ who is skilled in many ways in music. He is very helpful in all areas of your project and knows we all need to put the Lord first in our lives no matter what we are doing. NGP Studio has been a blessing to me, giving me quality work at affordable prices. 
        - David Smith -  West Liberty, KY -
I highly recommend Jeff Napier and NGP Studio for your Gospel recordings!! Jeff is unbelievably talented, plays multiple instruments, sings great if you need background vocals, and has such a creative ability to put that extra someting special into your sound which sets your music apart and it just comes alive!  As an artist, you have total input in your project.  Jeff gives you ideas and lets you know what can be done to inhance your songs, but you work together on the music.  The best part of working with Jeff is knowing that he's a Godly family man that prays over each track and asks God to lead him... 
         - Rita Broyles - Albemarle, NC  (Now resides in WV)
After years of singing in quartets, trios, and recording in differents studios, I felt that God was calling me into a solo ministry.  People then started asking me, "Do you have anything recorded?"  After a lot of prayer and talking to some friends who told me about NGP Studio,  I gave brother Jeff a call and got the ball rolling. Then, I decided that I wanted the grand daughters who are 6 and 7 years old, to record some with me as well.  I could not have asked for anyone to be any nicer than brother, Jeff.  The neat thing was, he first presented himself as their friend. By the end of the session, the girls were ready to start over and do it all again.  I went several times into the studio to work on my vocals, and not once did brother Jeff try to rush me through the process.  I would highly recommend NGP Studio 
           - Dale Stone - Canvas,  West Virginia
I am so thankful for NGP Studio!  I have prayed and waited on the timing of the Lord to record my original music.  Jeff Napier is a "miracle worker".  He has the gift to hear what you want to hear!  If you want a great studio experience where God is honored and magnified, then this is the place to be!  Great atmosphere and Nashville quality...this place is a rare find!  Blessed to be the "best"!
           - Mona Callahan -  Science Hill, KY
Big shout out to Jeff Napier at NGP Studio for the track he layed down for us.  Awesome job, Man!  If you need any studio work done, send Jeff a message and he will hook you up!
             - James Jones - London, KY 
It has been a great experience working with Jeff Napier at NGP Studio.  Even though this is my first CD, he keeps everything moving along smoothly without making us feel rushed.  When I am unsure of the direction to go, he is ready with helpful advice to bring out the best in my original songs.  Great place to record a Gospel CD...
            - Pam Fields - Lily, KY 
We had a great recording experience at NGP recently.  Top quality, great sound and production makes NGP one of the finest professional studios in southeast Kentucky.  After many projects in studios at Nashville, we have found the professional sound and great production right here at home.  Thanks, Jeff, for your professionalism, your super talent, the Christian atmosphere and making our original project perhaps the best yet!  God Bless!
              -  Ken and Brenda Gross and Family - Keavy, KY
                 91.5 FM WVCT Radio and WVTN TV
Down through the years I have scraped up here and there and done a few tapes and cd's and I would always think well they're alright or they;re pretty good or as my Daddy use to always say "it'll do"   When God opened the door for me this year to do another project I was so excited.  I started picking my songs pondering where to go and trying to find musicians when a friend of mine ask where I was going.  I said "Who you got in mind"??? And the rest is history!!  I could not believe the work you put into it!!  The quality the music the ear...I mean there were times I thought we had nailed it and you would hear something and you would take us back and make us do it over and over and...LOL!!!   I am so thankful that the quality of my CD project meant as much to you as it did to me!!!!  The AWESOME sound tracks you made have opened up so many doors for me to be able to do more of my own songs.  The truth is I often became discouraged and have even questioned God about why he kept giving me songs and no where to sing them!!  I truly believe God sent me and my boy's to NGP for a reason!!  I have had so much positive feedback and if there is any negative I sure haven't heard it!!  I have had so many people thanking me for making this project!!  People coming to me with tears in their eyes telling me about certain songs that have ministered to them and have helped and encouraged them, and with tears in my eyes I bow my head and thank the good Lord, for in my heart of hearts, I feel that I just may be the one that has been uplifted and encouraged the most!!!  I have never had a project that has ministered at this magnitude!!!  I think just maybe it was because each day you would start each session with prayer ASKING GOD to anoint what we were doing!!   We love NGP studio.  As soon as we walked in it felt like we were with an old friend!!!!  We definitely want to do it again!!!!  God bless you as you continue to work for him!!!! Ps. Sorry it was suppose to be a message not a book!!!!! LOL
                   - Mary (Cupp) Wright - Rockholds, KY

Song "Here I Am" written and sung by 
Monah Callahan of Science Hill, KY
I highly reccomend NGP Studio, It made a great difference in my music career. Wonderful and anointed atmosphere to create your work in, and to be all you can be for Jesus! Can't wait to get back in the studio this fall!!! Jeff is a wonderful anointed man who is guided by God's anointing, you will be so happy you went there, and see a great difference in your music! Always radio ready worthy music!!! Home of LizzyG Music!!! LizzyG
       - LizzyG - Chicago, IL -
I am Glenn Fowler of The Fowlers.  We recently recorded with Jeff and we could not have been more pleased! He took all the time we needed to get our project to be the best it could be and the tracks he made were very professional. If there is any gospel group or artist wanting to do a project, I highly recommend Jeff Napier, a good Christian man that will do all he can to help you further your ministry...
​           - The Fowlers - Fayette, AL -
Jeff Napier at NGP Studio is THE MAN!!! I was extremely impressed with the sound quality we got & at the pure talent that man has. He is anointed by God to do what he does. I couldn’t have asked for a better, easier, or more knowledgable producer for our project. Jeff even helped me change some of the words in some of my originals that made it flow so much better! I truly enjoyed every minute of it, & can’t wait to do another project with NGP. You can’t go wrong here, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this studio!
- Jon W Loudermilk (The Loudermilks Gospel Group) ~ South Charleston WV -
- The Mayo Family from Fayette, AL -
I just want to thank god for saving me and I want to thank God for what I experienced at NGP Studio in London, KY . We couldn’t sing that song at first due to some serious issues with sinus congestion hoarsness, then after a while of trying everything we knew to do, the Holy Ghost came and we recorded that song and at that time I knew God had a great work for me to do! I love Jesus and I thank Him for being there with me . I want to encourage every artist to come experience Jesus at NGP Studio in London, KY with brother Jeff Napier! God bless you Bro.
         - Lester Wayne Feltner - Hazard, KY
I would like to say a very special “Thank You” to Jeff Napier and NGP Studio for our project. Our experience was well beyond our expectations. It was wonderful to have a Christian man walking us thru every step of the way. We felt at ease the very moment we walked thru the door of the studio. There was no “hurry up and get it done” feeling. When we received the first music track to practice, we knew we were where God wanted us to be. Jeff did exactly what we wanted plus added more, to which we were grateful. I RECOMMEND this studio to anyone. We will be recording there again, hopefully soon. God Bless You Jeff and NGP Studio.               - Scott Mayo