Recording Rates Info: Please read carefully


                                                (The "Basic" Package)                                         

Client comes in and we do a rough track session of the songs they want to record along with each song title, the key that they sing it in, and the recording fee deposit up front.  Client may mail their rough tracks on Cassette or CD if needed.  Studio records all musical arrangements.  Client comes in and records their vocals.  Studio then records all background vocals.  We then mix and master the entire project.  Soundtracks provided immediately upon project completion at no extra cost. Client receives master and we can help with CD graphics & duplication if needed.    $200.00 per song.   This includes all studio music, arrangements, background vocals, mixing,  mastering and sound tracks.     (Extra fees may apply with addition of special instrumentation.)   

Acoustic guitar, high-strung acoustic, electric bass and/or upright bass, drums & percussion, dobro, mandolin, fiddle, electric lead guitar, acoustic lead guitar, pedal steel (E9th or C6th), piano, organ & strings.  Other instrumentation may require fees for extra musicians.                                               

                                                  (Live Recording Session)

                                                     Studio time - $ 40.00 per hour.
                         Studio Musicians - $ 200.00 per full session. (8 songs or more.)
                      Mixdown and mastering done in house after initial tracks are done                                                Estimated cost approximately - $1,500.00 to $2,500.00,
                              Cost could be lower depending upon studio musicians used.                              
                                                     (Recording With Sound Tracks)

Recording lead vocals with pre-recorded soundtracks, then mixing and mastering a  CD:                                                                $70.00 per song.
                              Backgound vocals:  $5.00 each additional vocal per song. 
                      Soundtracks of music with our added background vocals included.

For custom recording options, please call us at

       Average cost to do a professional Gospel CD at
                                 NGP STUDIO
                   $2,000.00 per 10 song project!
                    This is with all studio music!                   
Standard Music for the "Basic" Pkg is:

All-Gospel Recording Studio
Seasoned, quality studio music, melody arrangements, background vocals, processing, editing, mixdown and compressed mastering for only $200.00 per song!    
NGP STUDIO also records music, "by the song" if an artist wishes to do only 1 or 2 songs.  If an artist wants to do only 1 or 2 songs, the artist is asked for 100% payment up front. For instance, if an artist has written 1 Gospel song and needs to get it recorded, the artist is asked to pay the full $200.00 in advance.  The process works the same as with the basic package, meaning that the client sends us a rough track or comes to the studio and does a rough track of the song with 100% payment up front.  We then build the song track/tracks. 
("By The Song" Recording)
Song "Mary's Baby" written and sung    by Kindra Cole of NEW HARVEST
For full recording packages including: CD Graphics, Duplication, Radio Promotion, Bookings, and more, please contact our partners at:
HeartSong Nashville Music Group and check out their complete recording packages with radio promotion and all the